Theme Options – Customizer

The Every Weekend theme come with a Customizer page, that allow you can upload the logo, switch the layouts, hide/show the elements… To access them, you go to your dashboard, navigate to Appearance –> Customize. You will see many options there, they are very easy to do.



Customizing your blog with Yellow Pencil

There are a lot of elements on your blog, sometimes, you will want to edit them, such as “Continue reading” button, social media icons sizes, Slider background or Typography for a few elements… which have not the options in Customizer. The Every Weekend come with the full version of Yellow Pencil plugin that allow you can customize the theme. (value $25 and now you get it free)

Installing the theme:

  1. First, you go to your dashboard, navigate to Plugins –> Add New –> click “Upload plugin” 
  2. In the theme folder that you downloaded from my shop titled”everyweekend_theme“, you browse the “”, that placed within the folder “Plugins” –> Upload to install and activate it.

Once installed, you have 2 ways to open the Yellow Pencil to customize the theme:

  • Navigate to Appearance –> click “Yellow Pencil Editor”

  • Or go to the Homepage, look at the top –> Edit With Yellow Pencil –> Global Customize

How to use Yellow Pencil:

  • You click on an element on the blog, then select the list to customize, such as: Text, Background
  • Take a look to the video tutorials here.

Example: i click on the Slider title, then select Text to change the Font Family.

Example: i click on the “Continue reading” button, then select Background to change the background color.

To reset to default style of theme (remove the changes from the plugin)

  • You click on the “Reset Changes” button.

  • Or you go to your dashboard, navigate to Settings –> Yellow Pencil Source –> click “Delete”, then Save.

Kindly note: The Yellow Pencil plugin is useful (and powerful) if you would like to change/design somethings on your blog, but i recommend you should do only for a small changes, don’t try to change the with of the theme or move the elements which maybe break your blog layout, just use the simple features such as Text and Background.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Etsy/Creativemarket message or my email: