Activating the Featured Area:

  • You go to your dashboard, navigate to Appearance –> Customize –> Featured Area settings –> turn on for “Show Featured Area” option


If you don’t see any images on Featured Area, just the grey backgrounds, that mean your site have not the posts or your posts/pages, or your posts/pages have not the Featured image.

Select the Style:

  • “1 big post, 2 small posts” look like this:

  • Carousel Slider look like this:

  • Large Slider

There are 4 options to show the content to Featured Area, you have to choose one of them:

  1. Show Latest posts from All categories
  2. Lastest posts from a Specific Category, you check the option (a), then select a category
  3. Pull Specific Posts to Featured Area, you check (b), then scroll down and click “Add new Post
  4. Pull Specific Pages to Featured Area, you check (c), then scroll down and click “Add new Page