What is a Featured Image?

A Featured Image is a representative picture for your post which is used in the areas such as: Related posts, Recent posts widget, Slider…You can use any size for the Featured image. However, for the best result, you should use a high quality images, at least 1120px wide, it will be automatically resized and optimized to fit with the theme.

How to do:

  • To upload the Featured image, you create or edit a post, look at the right side, you will see the “Featured image” tab –> click “Set featured image“.

  • At Posts –> All posts –> You can click “Set featured image” and upload the photo, click again to the photo to change it.

Troubleshoot with duplicate images

– Why you see duplicate at the top of post?

That’s because one of them is the Featured image of post, and other is the image that you added again to the content.

– To avoid the duplicate images:

1) You should always add the Featured image for the posts. But don’t add again the Featured image to the content of post. As you see here, we don’t add the Featured image (the Car) to the post content

2) If you don’t like that, you go to your dashboard, navigate to Appearance –> Customize –> Post settings –> turn on “Hide Featured Image…”. The Featured image will be hide on the Homepage or Individual post, so you will definitely don’t see a duplicate images anymore.