The Tansy theme support the following Footer widget areas:

  • 4 columns widgets titled “Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, Footer 4“. If you would like to make 4 column widgets same width instead of the first bigger other ones, you can change the settings at Customize –> Footer settings.
  • Footer Full Blog Width: used for a banner ads
  • Footer Full-Screen-Width: used for Instagram Slider widget

Instagram Feed Footer

The Tansy theme support for the Instagram Slider plugin to show up the Instagram Feed at the Footer . If you have followed step by step the instruction on the documentation, this plugin is already install on your blog. If you missed it for some reason, you go to your Dashboard, navigate to Plugins –> Add New –> Search for term “Instagram Slider” > Install Now > Activate Plugin.

How to do:

You go to your dashboard, navigate to Apearance –> Widgets –> add the Instagram Slider widget to the Footer Full-Screen-Width

We recommend setting:

  • Number of photos to be 6
  • Template to “Thumbnails – Without Border
  • Number of Columns to 6


  • Ensure your Instagram profile is set to “public“. The images will not show if your profile is “Private“.
  • Do not place the @ symbol in front of your username in the widget.

Footer Widgets

On the demo, we would like to Tansy logo and the texts are wider other widgets instead of 4 equal columns. But if you would like make the footer widgets wide to be same, you navigate to Appearance –> Customize –> check the box “4 Equal Columns“.

You can also edit text at the bottom of your blog via “Footer Copyright Text” option.

On the demo, i added 4 widgets to the 4 Footer widget areas (you can do via the dashboard–> Appearance –> Widgets)

  • Footer 1: About me widget, we filled only the logo image and texts, leave blank other options
  • Footer 2: Custom Links widget, this is a widget that will show the items from a specific menu, you can create a new menu at Appearance –> Menus
  • Footer 3: Archives widget
  • Footer 4: Subscribe and Follow widget