Kindly note: The themes from our shop work with the self-hosted wordpress sites, the themes can’t be installed on the free blog at which only allow the users use the theme on their own directory. (it’s still not working if you paid for the custom domain or upgrade to Premium/Bussiness account).

There are 2 types of WordPress site: (1), and, (2) WordPress self-hosted blog (

– is a privately own company which will host your site on their server. You can only use themes from their own directory. Our themes unfortunately will not function with
– WordPress self-hosted blog: is the free, open-source platform which you can easily install on a self-hosted server. With a WordPress self-hosted blog, you can choose from the tens of thousands of themes for sale online (including my own), add extra features and functionality to your site via plugins, and even monetize your site.

If you’re using a WordPress self-hosted blog, you’re very welcome to use one of the theme. However if you’re currently using, and if you’ve ever considered switching from over to a WordPress self-hosted blog, i would highly, highly recommend it for its wealth of freedom and customization options.

So how to get a wordpress site:

1- First, you go to the

2- You navigate to WordPress Hosting, purchase for the Starter plan (you can remove all the additional services). You will get a free domain for annual plan

3- Once you’re done, you have already a self-hosted wordpress blog. Now you can take a look to our themes, buy your favorite one, then just login to your wordpress dashboard and you can easily upload the theme.

If you have any questions about the theme or wordpress, feel free to contact us via email: