Method 1:

We use a free plugin called Instagram Slider widget to show up the instagram feed, if you have installed all plugin requireds, this plugin is already installed on your site.

You go to your dashboard, navigate to Apearance –> Widgets –> add the Instagram Slider widget to the Footer


We recommend setting:

  • Number of photos to be 6
  • Template to “Thumbnails
  • Number of Columns to 6


  • Ensure your Instagram profile is set to “public“. The images will not show if your profile is “Private“.
  • Do not place the @ symbol in front of your username in the widget.

Method 2:

If the above plugin don’t work as expected, we can also use this free plugin called WP Instagram Widget create the Instagram photos at the Footer of site. If your blog have not this plugin, you go to your Dashboard, navigate to Plugins –> Add New –> Search for term “WP Instagram Widget” > Install Now > Activate Plugin.

Then, navigate to Appearance –> Widgets –> add the Instagram widget to the Footer area, then fill your informations, put the “Number of photos” to 6