1) Adding your header/Logo image:

The default logo image of the theme will automatically removed right after you upload a new logo image. You can upload your own logo image (the format should be JPG or PNG) at your Dashboard –> Appearance –> Customize –> Header settings. The recommended image size is about 200px wide, you should remove the margins around the logo texts, that will avoid the unexpected spaces.

For the reference: the exact dimensions of Caroline logo is 200×98 pixels

We created the logo with Adobe Photoshop, we also attach the PSD file in the logo folder of the package, you can use Adobe Photoshop to open it and edit the texts as you want. If you don’t have the Adobe Photosphop to do, just send us your logo name, we will do it and send to your email. (Our email is cityhousedesign@gmail.com)

When you scroll the page, there is a sticky menu at the top, to add small image to the left of this menu, you navigate to Appearance –> Customize –> Header settings –> “Upload Small Logo Image for sticky/scrolling menu”

Adjust the paddings:

The “Logo Top Padding” and “Logo Bottom Padding” options are the spaces above and under logo images

2) Show up the Social Media Icons:

Navigate to your Dashboard –> Appearance –> Customize –> Social Media settings –> After put your accounts, the icons will automaticall appear on your blog.

Adjust the menu position:

There is an option titled “Adjust the position for menu bar/navigation” which allow you can move the menu to top or bottom, the best result is the menu on same line with the middle of logo image (like as on my demo).