The Olivia theme come with 2 Menu areas: 1 at the top (Primary menu) and 1 at the Footer.

Creating and activating the menu

We will create 2 Menus: navigate to Appearance –> Menus –> type the name on Menu Name box and click Create Menu


Check the box “Primary Menu” to assign the current menu as the menu bar at the Top.


Click create a new menu to create a second menu, then check the box Footer menu to assign this second menu as menu at the Footer.

Adding the items

Just simple navigate to the tabs such as Pages, Posts, Categories… to add the items to the menu



If you would like to add an item which can’t be clicked, you open the Custom Links tab, put the # in the URL box, and add the item to your menu. As you see on this screenshot, the “Categories” is not clickable.


To create a dropdown menu for categories, you add the items from Categories tab to the menu, then drag and put them like this:


Note: You have to create the categories (at Posts –> Categories) before to add them to the menu.


This is the result on your Homepage: The Lifestyle, Music, Beauty will be hide until you hover on Categories creating-menu-wordpress-7

Be sure you save changes when you finished.