Step 1

  • Go to your dashboard, navigate to Mailchimp for WP, click the “Get your API key here” link.
  • At the page, you sign up an account and get the API key, if you can’t find the API key, take a look to this article tutorial

Step 2- Navigate to Mailchimp for WP –> Forms –> Clear default form code, replace by the following code instead:

Be sure to save changes when you’re finished.

Kindly Note: If you’d like to change the text from “Let’s stay in touch!” and “Sign up here to be…” to something else, you can do so on the 2st and 3st line of the above code, but they should be a short texts.

Step 3 – You navigate to Appearance –> Customize –> Newsletter section Settings –> turn on “Show Newsletter section”

Be sure to save changes when you’re done, you can see the Newsletter section on your Homepage now.

Kindly note: The Newsletter form will be managed by Mailchimp – an email service at where you will manage the subsribers, create email template and create a weekly newsletter Campaign.