To enable the Slider, you go to your dashboard, navigate to Appearance –> Customize –> Slider settings –> check the box “Show” instead of “Hide” for Slider section option. Then you will see a slider appear at the top of your blog.

If you don’t see the images on Slider, just a white or black background, that mean your posts have not the Featured image, you should do it for the posts, take a look to this instruction.

Show the posts that you want:

There are 2 ways to show the posts on Slider, you have to choose one of them:

  1. Show the posts to Slider from a Specific Category: if you don’t select any specific category, the latest posts will be shown up instead.
  2. Show a specific post/page IDs:  this option will override the above option. To get the post or page IDs, you go to your dashboard, navigate to Posts –> All Posts –> look at the right side and copy the IDs.

We use a free plugin called Reveal IDs to show up the Posts/Pages IDs. If you have followed step by step the instruction on the documentation, this plugin is already install on your blog. If you missed it for some reason, you go to your Dashboard, navigate to Plugins –> Add New –> Search for term “Reveal IDs” > Install Now > Activate Plugin.