By default, the Slider will show up right after you install the theme, if it doesn’t for some reason, to enable the Slider:

  • You go to your dashboard, navigate to Appearance –> Customize –> Slider settings –> turn on for “Show Slider” option

If you don’t see the images on Slider, just a grey background, that mean your blog have not the posts or your posts/pages have not the Featured image, you should can take a look to this instruction.

Show the posts that you want:

There are 3 options to show the posts on Slider, you have to choose one of them:

  1. Show latest posts from All categories
  2. Show the posts from a Specific Category, you check the option (a), then select the categories
  3. Pull the Pages to Slider: the pages will show up instead of posts, you check the option (b), then click “Add new Page” and select the pages.

The Tansy theme come with an option “Show Category, Title and Read More…” that show a white info box on the Slider, just check the box to turn it on: