On Caroline theme, you have to create 3 menus:

  • Left menu and Right Menu

  • The sticky menu that appear when you scroll the page, this is also the mobile menu

1- Creating and activating the menu

You go to the dashboard, navigate to Appearance –> Menus –> create the “Left Menu” (type on Menu Name, then click “Create Menu”)


Add the items that you want for this menu, scroll down and check the box “Left Menu“, then click “Save Menu”

Do the same for the “Right Menu” and “Sticky and Mobile Menu“. Be sure you save changes when done!

2- Adding the items

Just simple navigate to the tabs such as Pages, Posts, Categories… to add the items to the menu


To create a dropdown menu for categories, you add the items from Categories tab to the menu, then drag and put them like this:


Note: To create the categories, you navigate to Posts –> Categories.


Be sure you save changes when you finished.